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With thanks to Roxan Construction, Sean Wilson will be able to continue in his development of Taekwondo.
Over the past twelve months due to the sponsorship funds Sean received he has been able to participate in both International and National competitions as well as progress in the more traditional side of Taekwondo, one of Sean biggest accomplishments was in November where after 3 years of dedicated training he gained his Black Belt in Nottingham.

2012 – 2013 Within sport Taekwondo Sean has been making the transition from cadets to juniors which has been extremely challenging as he is now at the lower age of the age group 14 – 17. Sean has also had to overcome injury’s after breaking his hand during a squad training session in late November.
Throughout the year Sean has continued to attend the GB Talent pathway in Manchester, learning all aspects of the sport from experienced Great Britain coaches like Gareth Brown.

During the year Sean was fortunate to gain valuable experience by participating in International competitions in Germany and Luxemburg as well as domestic competitions in London, Manchester and Scotland where in December Sean won his first Junior medal gaining silver in the -51 category.
Sean most recent competition was the Capital cup in London where he won Gold in the -55 category. Pictured is Sean with his coach at the Capital cup.

With having secured sponsorship from Roxan Construction Sean will now have the opportunity over the next year to continue to gain experience as a junior by competing in the Austrian Open along with other international competition in Germany and Spain.

Due to generosity of Roxan Construction Sean will be able to replace his old warn out protective equipment with new that may help to reduce chances of injury’s when competing in competitions.

With having sponsorship for a further year Sean hopes to develop the traditional side Taekwondo and is aiming to take his Black Belt 2nd Dan. Sean commented that he would like one day to be able to become a Taekwondo instructor and help other youngsters improve their confidence like he has over the past 3 years under Instructor Master Joe Brown of British Taekwondo South. Sean also commented the he would like to thank Roxan Construction for providing him with greater opportunities, and his sports Coach Steven Johnson for his support and guidance.