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Roxan Business Centre, 142 Lodge Road, Southampton, SO14 6QR, United Kingdom


Environmental Attributes

Carbon Footprint

Responding to challenges posed by climate change, reducing our Carbon Footprint.

In addressing the challenges we build to Code Level 3 of Sustainable Homes, which means homes are built to a standard above building regulations and homes are awarded a Star Rating 1 to 6.


To deliver:
. Code Level 4 from 2012
. Code Level 6 from 2016


50% of our developments have reached Code Level 3 since January 2010 and 100% of all sites seeking planning permission after June 2011 have adhered to this commitment.

Urban Drainage Systems

We are committed to incorporate where possible, sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), allowing discharge of all rainwater surface run offs to replenish the ground water course on all of our sites.


To incorporate composting facilities to each development


We have achieved a 20% Reduction in total water consumption on 40% of our projects.

Brownfield Land

Since 2005, all of our completed developments are on Brownfield Land, i. e Sites which have had an existing building and we maximise the ecological value for the benefits of both our customers and the wider community.


60% of development wastes are recycled.


100% of our sites are on Brownfield Land.


From June 2012:
To incorporate composting facilities to each development


100% of all completed homes have recycling facilities.

Zero Carbon Energy Solutions

Roxan Construction has incorporated water saving features, such as dual flushing, low flow rated taps and eco efficient showerheads.

Over the past 12 months, Roxan have been integrating Low and Zero Carbon Energy Solutions, encouraging renewable energy including Photovoltaic Panels and our Source Heat Pumps, thus reducing CO2 Emissions by 15% on all New Homes.


To a 20% reduction in CO2 Emissions by Mid 2012.


We are committed to reducing our energy and water consumption including all integral waste recycling to our offices.

Social Attributions

Roxan Construction Limited believes the creation of highly designed homes, will stand the test of time, achieved through engaging and responding to the Local Community. Building positive relationships with Local Communities during the development process, minimises disruption whilst keep local residents informed.

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